The kingdom of Morocco has two official languages, modern standard Arabic and Amazigh Berber. The two languages have multiple local dialects which are widely spoken in the country. Other languages spoken include French, English, and Spanish. French, which is a foreign language, is widely spoken in Morocco. It is used in government offices and schools. France influence on Morocco was so great that the country went ahead in promoting the language after gaining independence. The use of French in schools has enabled many Moroccans to be fluent in the language.

The most commonly spoken language in Morocco is Arabic which has different local dialects. Arabic is spoken by more than 50% of the population. French a foreign language comes in second used by 33% of the population while 21% of the population speaks Spanish. English is spoken by 14% of the population.

Morocco is a country that uses Arabic as the primary language. For easy communication while in the kingdom it is wise to learn some useful Arabic phrases. Some of the phrases are “Rally biseff” which means it is too expensive, “zweena” means it is beautiful, “esmee” means my name is, “shwaya” means a little, while “ma’a salama” means good-bye.

The two main official languages in Morocco have multiple local dialects. Some of the dialects are widely spoken while others have very few speakers. Those with few speakers are the minority languages include Judeo-Moroccan Arabic, Hassaniyya Arabic, and Marrakech. Morocco also has two extinct languages Ghomara and Senhaja de Srair. The two languages are local dialects in the Berber ethnic group.

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