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Published on 2018-11-14

Where Are The World's Richest Countries?

By the measure of GDP per capita, the richest country in the world is Qatar, followed by Luxembourg and Singapore.

Published on 2018-11-09

What Are the Commonwealth Countries?

The Commonwealth is made up of 53 countries that were formerly under British rule.

Published on 2018-11-09

The World's Most Visited Countries

The most visited country in the world is France, followed by Spain and the United States.

Published on 2018-11-09

Countries That Drink the Most Coffee

Coffee is among the world's most popular beverages. Although it is enjoyed all over the world, Finland and Sweden consume more coffee than any other country.

Published on 2018-11-07

The 5 Largest Deserts in the World

Deserts cover approximately one-third of the earth’s land surface. The largest cold desert in the world is Antarctica. The world's largest hot desert is the Sahara.

Published on 2018-11-07

The Largest Lakes in the World

The largest lake on Earth is the Caspian Sea. However, as its name would suggest, the Caspian Sea is sometimes classified as a sea and not a lake. In these cases, Lake Superior would be the largest lake in the world.

Published on 2018-11-07

Where is the Longest Bridge in the World?

The Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge in China is 164,800 meters long, making it the longest bridge in the world. The bridge also has an average height of 100 miles from the ground up.

Published on 2018-11-06

The Largest Churches in the World

The largest church in the world is St. Peter's Basilica, followed by the Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida and the Seville Cathedral.

Published on 2018-11-06

What Are The Scandinavian Countries?

Scandinavia is a region found in northern Europe. The countries making up Scandinavia are understood to be Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Finland is not part of Scandinavia.

Published on 2018-10-22

The 35 Largest Cities in the World

Determining the world's largest cities is not as simple as it would appear. Using the definition of urban area, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Jakarta, Seoul and Manila are the world's largest cities.

Published on 2018-10-22

The Safest Countries in the World

The Global Peace Index Score determines the safety of a country by examining a complicated number of factors such as homicide rate and violent assault rate. By this measure, Iceland is the world's safest country.

Published on 2017-07-13

Poorest Countries In Europe

The following are the poorest countries in Europe, based on the nominal per capita GDP (Gross Domestic Product) as provided by the International Monetary Fund.