A waterfall is a feature characterized by water flowing over a vertical rocky slope or flows over a series of steep edges along a water body such as a river or a stream. A waterfall may also occur when meltdown of water drops over an edge of an ice shelf or a tabular iceberg. Waterfalls vary in size. The article below discusses the tallest falls in the world.

Angel Falls – 3,212 Feet

The world's tallest waterfall is Angel Falls, situated in Venezuela inside the Canaima National Park. The 3,212 feet tall waterfall begins at the edge of the Auyán-tepui mountains and then leads to the Carrao River which is a tributary of the Orinoco river. The waterfall is a memorable sight as water falls for more than half a mile uninterrupted. The water evaporates before hitting down during the hottest months.

Tegula Falls – 3,110 Feet

The second tallest waterfall in the world is the Tegula falls located in KwaZulu Natal province in South Africa. The spectacular fall is formed by the Tegula River and runs through the Royal Natal Park. Tegula falls is divided into 5 tiers with the tallest tier being 1,348 feet.

Tres Hermanas Falls – 2,999 feet

Tres Hermanas Falls is ranked third at a height of 2,999 feet. The name means three sisters in Spanish as the fall is made of 3 sections. The fall is situated inside Otishi National Park in Peru and forms along Cutivireni River in the Peruvian territory of Peru.

Olo'Upena Falls – 2,953 feet

Water from a seasonal river spills over a tall sea-side cliff to form the fourth tallest waterfall in the world known as the Olo'Upena Falls. The waterfall is located in the Hawaiian Islands along the north-eastern region near the Molokai volcanic island. The uniqueness of the waterfall is lack of an access trail meaning that it can only be viewed from either the air or on the ocean.

Yumbilla Falls – 2,940 feet

Yumbilla falls are located in Peru along the Amazon region. The water originates from a stream at a cave known as Caverna San Francisco. Four or five tiers form the Yumbilla waterfall making it the fifth tallest at 2,940 feet.

Vinnufossen Falls – 2,822 feet

Vinnufossen Falls is the sixth tallest waterfall in the world and the tallest in Norway and Europe. The waterfall measures 2,822 feet tall and is accessible by road. The uniqueness of the waterfall is that water comes from Vinnufonna glacier before flowing into the Driva River.

Balaifossen Falls – 2,789

Balaifossen Falls is located in the Ulvik municipality of Norway. The 2,789 feet tall waterfall derives water from the melted water of River Balåi.

Pu’uka’oku Falls – 2,758 feet

Pu’uka’oku Falls is the 8th tallest waterfall in the world at 2,758 feet. It is located in Molokai region in Hawaii, U.S.A. The waterfall is surrounded by green mountains and the Haloku cliffs which are some of the highest seaside cliffs in the world.

James Bruce Falls – 2,758 feet

James Bruce Falls is located in Princess Louisa Marine Provincial Park in Canada. The water originates from a minor snowfield then cascades 2,758 feet below before emptying in Princess Louisa Inlet.

Browne Falls – 2,743 feet

Browne falls is situated in New Zealand within the Fiordland National Park. The source of the water is a tarn named Lake Browne before an overflow navigates its way down the mountain before making a drop height of 2,743 feet.

Where is the Tallest Waterfall in the World?
RankWaterfall NameCountryHeight (Feet)
1Angel FallsVenezuela3,212
2Tugela FallsSouth Africa3,110
3Tres Hermanas FallsPeru2,999
4Olo'Upena FallsUnited States2,953
5Yumbilla FallsPeru2,940
6VinnufossenNorway 2,822
8Pu'uka'oka FallsUnited States2,756
9James Bruce FallsCanada2,756
10Browne FallsNew Zealand2,743