The flag of Morocco is a red rectangle with a green pentagram with a black border, positioned in the middle of the flag. The flag was adopted as the national flag in 1915. When Morocco was a colony under Spanish and French rule starting from 1912, the Moroccan flag could only be used on land and not at sea. The flag went back to being used as the national flag when Morocco gained independence in 1956. The proportion of the flag is set to the ratio of 2:3.

The red color of the flag symbolizes the ancestry of the royal Alawite dynasty or Alaouite dynasty. Red also symbolizes bravery, valor, hardiness, and strength. Green stands for the color of Islam, and green is linked to paradise in the Quran. Green on the flag also symbolizes joy, love, peace, hope, and wisdom. The pentagram symbolizes the seal of Solomon. The seal of Solomon is a signet ring said to have been worn by King Solomon that gave him powers.

The current flag of Morocco was obtained from the historical flag of the Alaouite dynasty. The red flag had the green star pentagram added in 1915. Mulay Yusef designed the current flag. The flag has different variants used by the navy and civilian ships. The ensign used by the navy is the national flag, having a yellow crown with one star on each corner of the flag.

Previous versions of flags include a red banner with a white and black checkered square in the middle. This flag was used by the Almohad dynasty from 1147 to 1248. From 1248 to 1659 the flag used was a red rectangle with a yellow border a few inches inside the rectangle and a yellow star of Lakshmi in the middle. The flag was used by the Marinid, Wattasid and Saadi dynasties. As from 1666 to 1915, the Alaouite dynasty took over and the flag used was a plain red banner.

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