The Romanian language is known as one of the Romance languages and is rooted in Latin. The first written evidence of the use of Romanian was around 1521 and included not only elements of Latin (in particular noun cases) but also Cyrillic characters. The modern day Romanian alphabet is made up of 31 letters with three characters, Q, W, and Y, being added in 1982. Romanian is the official language of both Romania and Moldavia.

Romanian is spoken by approximately 90.7% of the people living in the nation. The 1991 Constitution of Romania stipulated that Romanian have the status of official language in the country and therefore must be used for documents such as legal contracts, public educational material, as well as all government publications.

Common words and phrases in Romanian include “Salut” for a casual hello, “Mersi” meaning thank you, “Îmi pare rău” for sorry, and “Scuze” which translates to “excuse me”.

Although Romanian is the only official language in Romania and is spoken by over 90% of the population, the country is also home to a variety of minority language speakers. These include French (spoken by 23% of locals), English (31%), German (7%), Italian (7 %) as well as Hungarian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Russian, Croatian, Slovak, Bulgarian, and Turkish.

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