The country of Romania is located in the south eastern region of Europe. Its flag is made up of three equal vertical bands of cobalt blue, chrome yellow, and vermilion red. The flag’s name, Tricolorul, is a direct reference to its three official colors. The present day version of the Romanian flag was adopted on Dec. 27, 1989.

It is thought that Romania’s flag was modeled after the official flag of France but another theory surmises that the three colors were chosen in accordance with ancestral Romanian tradition. The colors refer to the principalities of Walachia and Moldavia which united in 1862 to form the modern nation of Romania. Historians believe that the national colors were adopted to symbolize liberty (blue), justice (yellow), and fraternity (red).

According to the 1965 Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Romania the flag’s vertical bands of color were accompanied by a communist emblem. After the revolution, which ended Communist rule in Romania, the nation’s 1989 constitution specified that the new official flag would no longer include the communist symbol and be removed in favor of the present day three color design.

The storied history of Romania’s flag includes several different versions of the national symbol. Early editions included features such as banners and shields. During the 13th century the coat of arms of ruler Litovoi was featured on the flag. In later years the official flag included the royal symbols of Moldavia, Transylvania, and the Habsburg Empire.

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