The Romanian government operates under a semi-presidential republic system. There are several political parties which are elected democratically by the people, each of which have separate and distinct powers. The government consists of three branches; legislative, executive, and judicial. Executive power is shared between the president and the legislative government. Presidents can serve for a maximum of two five year terms.

Romanian citizens elect both their president and members of legislature. The nation’s government consists of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. Members who are elected to either of these governing bodies may serve for a period of four years. The country has a multi-party system in which collaboration between the parties is often necessary since most elections result in no one party being able to earn enough of the majority vote to hold sole power. In lieu of a clear majority political parties must band together with elected members from another party (or parties) to form a coalition government.

Romania’s government conducts the business of the country from the massive Palace of the Parliament which is noteworthy for being the second largest administrative structure in the world. In terms of sheer size the impressive building is second only to the Pentagon in the United States. Located in the capital city of Bucharest this huge building not only houses the country’s government but also serves as a major tourist attraction. The official residence of Romania’s head of state is the Cotroceni Palace in Bucharest.

Coalition governments are necessary in Romania, as there are no parties that have enough momentum to win an election alone.

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