The Republic of Grenada exercises a parliamentary representative democratic system of government. Grenada, being a member of the Commonwealth realm, takes after the order of British governance. Queen Elizabeth II serves as the Head of State and is represented in Grenada by the governor general. The governor general rules by the the guidance of the prime minister and the cabinet of Grenada. The government has three arms of power – the executive, the judicial and the legislative. The Executive consists of the prime minister who is the head of government and is responsible for appointing the cabinet. The Grenadian government has a multi-party legislative system with an elected house of representatives and an appointed Senate. The judicial arm is independent of the other two arms of the state. The governor general selects the Chief Justice with the guidance of the prime minister and the cabinet. The chief justice serves as the President of the Supreme Court.

In Grenada, elections are conducted by an independent body and take place after every five years. Currently, there is no term limit for serving prime ministers.

The official residence of the Governor General is at the Government House in St George’s, Grenada. The prime minister does not have a formal residence. Hurricane Ivan destroyed the former home of the prime minister on September 7, 2004. The House representative and the Senate convene at Grenada Trade Center in St George’s.

The nation of Grenada has two main political parties - the National Democratic Congress (NDP), which is a liberal party, and the New National Party (NNP) which serves as the conservative party. The legislative assembly also has a representation of the minor parties. The legislative assembly comprises of two houses. The first one is the House of Representatives, which has 15 members. The election of the members who represent each of the Grenadian constituencies is for a five-year term only. The other house is the Senate which has 13 appointed members. The opposition leader appoints three of the members while the government chooses the other ten members of the Senate.

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