Upon attaining its independence from the United Kingdom, Grenada designed and adopted their official national flag. The designer of the flag was Antony C. George. The government officially approved the use of the flag on February 7, 1974, and that very day at midnight the flag was hoisted. The flag features a red frame with three yellow stars at the top and bottom of the flag. Furthermore, two diagonal lines divide the central part into four areas. The regions on the left and right are green, while the upper and lower portions are yellow. At the center of the flag, there is the seventh yellow star within a small red circle. In the green hoist area, there is a clove of a little nutmeg displayed.

Magnificent as the flag looks, every feature on it symbolizes something special to the people and the Republic of Grenada. The yellow color represents the sun. It also represents the wisdom and warmth of the people of Grenada. The red color stands for the courage, harmony, and unity which the people of Grenada enjoy. On the other hand, the green color symbolizes vegetation. Nutmeg is the major commodity of the Island, and it represents the products grown in the nation. The nutmeg also stands for the roots of the country whose initial name was the “Isle of Spice.” The central star of the flag represents the capital city of St. George’s. The six yellow stars on the top and bottom of the flag represent the six original administrative districts/parishes within the Island.

Anthony C. George is a Grenadian artist. He designed the official flag of the Republic of Grenada. His entry was chosen amidst other flag candidates, whose design featured a more common variation on vertical and horizontal stripes.

Grenada has used other flags in previous years. Between 1875 and 1903, it flew a blue flag with the flag of Great Britain on the upper half part of the hoist area and a trader’s mark encircled at the center of the right half. In the years between 1903 and 1967, a merchant ship replaced the trader’s mark in the middle of the circle of the previous flag. Before the current flag, between 1967 and 1974, Grenada had a flag with blue, yellow and green strands with a nutmeg clove encircled at the center of it.

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