The French southern territories include the Kerguelen Islands, St. Paul and Amsterdam Islands, Crozet Islands, and the Scattered Islands. The territories do not have permanent inhabitants and those who visit are mostly military personnel and scientific researchers. As from 1955, the French southern territories together with the Antarctic lands are grouped as overseas territory of France. Previously they were governed by an administrateur superieur and a deputy from Paris, but as from November 2004, the administration has been given to a Prefect who represents France in a region.

The territories do not have elected leaders or any representatives in the national parliament as they do not have permanent inhabitants. The Prefect is nominated by the president of France from the council of ministers. The minister of the interior and the prime minister usually propose someone from the council of ministers to become a Prefect, and the president appoints a Prefect according to their proposal. The Prefect can be replaced anytime during a council meeting.

The Prefect of the Southern Territories is based out of Réunion, another French territory.

There are no political parties in the territories as they do not have an active government. The Southern Territories have five districts; Saint Paul/Ile Amsterdam, Archipel Crozet, Archipel des Kerguelen, Terre Adelie, and Iles Eparses. A district chief heads each of the districts. The chief’s roles are same as those of a French mayor and they also record births and deaths and serve as judicial police.

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