The French southern flag territory consists of a blue background, abbreviations of the territory name, French flag, and five stars. The French flag is on the top left corner while the acronym is along the right corner. The abbreviations were made from the combination of letters of Terre australes et antarctiques Francaises, (TAAF) and they form an anchor. The five stars surround the anchor formed from the initials. The flag was officially adopted in 2007 making it among the most recent flags to be adopted.

The French flag on the canton of the flag is a symbol of French authority on the territory. The five stars represent the five overseas territories of St. Paul, Crozet Island, Adelie Land, Kerguelen Island, and the Scattered Island. The other element on the flag is the combination of letters from the territories name Terre Australes et Antarctiques Francaises.

The flag of the Terre Australes et Antarctiques Francaises was designed based on the flag of France. The blue color covers the background while the French flag is on the top left corner. The designer of the flag was keen to represent the people of France and also show that the territories belong to France.

The French Southern and Antarctica islands have had one previous flag that of the senior administrator. The flag was the same as the current flag in use, but the only difference was on the number of stars used on the flag. The previous flag had only three stars instead of the five stars currently on the flag. The stars are below the combination of the letters used on the flag. The other elements were still the same as those on the current flag.

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