The capital of the French Southern Territories and Antarctic Lands is Saint-Pierre in Reunion Island. The city is found in the Southwest part of the island and has a total area of around 37.06 square miles. The Prefect who is in charge of the administration of the French Southern Territories has his residence at Saint-Pierre. The city is located along the Indian Ocean coast and has lovely beaches and waterfront restaurants.

The population of the city was 80,823 in 2012. The Reunion Island was colonized by France from the 17th to the 19th century. The colonization brought in a lot of migrants who came as workers and who make up the population today.

Saint-Pierre is home to a number of popular beaches and museums, among them the Saga du Rhum museum, which shares the storied history of rum production on the island.

The climate in Saint-Pierre is tropical and mostly warm throughout the year. The hottest months fall between November and April with temperatures reaching a high of 85 degrees Fahrenheit in January and February. The months between July to September experience lower temperatures of about 66 degrees Fahrenheit. The months that experience the most rainfall occur from January to March.

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