Where is French Southern Territories?

French Southern Territories is an island nation. It has a 28.00 km coastline. The French claim to "Adelie Land" in Antarctica is not recognized by the United States.

Saint-Pierre is one of the cities in Reunion Island. It is situated in the Southwest part of the island and has a coastline along the Indian Ocean containing beautiful beaches and waterfront restaurants. Saint-Pierre acts as the capital for the French Southern Territories. The city has an area of about 37.06 square miles and the population was estimated at 80,823 in 2012. Reunion Island was once a French colony from the 17th to the 19th century.

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French Southern Territories is an Antarctican country covering 7,747.00 km2 of which 98.98% is water and 80.00 km2 is land. The area excludes Adelie Land claim of about 500,000 sq km in Antarctica as that is not recognized by the United States. and about the same size as California. Its geographic coordinates are 37 50 S, 77 32 E and Port-aux-Francais is the capital city.

The name refers to their location in the southern hemisphere.

Its ISO code is TF.

The currency of French Southern Territories is the Euro (EUR).


French Southern Territories has a mean elevation of 0 m above sea level.

The French Southern Territories are made up of several islands which include the Crozet Islands, St. Paul and Amsterdam Islands, Kerguelen Islands, and the Scattered Islands. As from 1955, Adelie Land in the Antarctic are grouped with the islands to form a single overseas territory of France. Adelie Land, however, is not governed by the other southern territories as the Antarctic Treaty governs it. The territories do not have permanent residents, and so they do not have any elected leaders or any representatives in the national parliament. The southern territories are governed by a Prefect who acts as a representative of France.

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The flag of the French Southern Territories is one of the newest flags to be adopted. The French flag signifies the connection with French authority on its Southern Territories. The five stars represent the five districts that make up the Southern territory of France and they St. Paul, Scattered Island, Crozet Island, Adelie Land, and Kerguelen Island. The flag of the Southern territories was designed based on the flag of France with the same colors on the flag of France. The French Southern territories have had only one previous flag - that of the senior administrator flag. The flag consisted of the same design and the same colors with only a minor difference on the flag. The difference was on the number of stars used on the flag. The previous flag had just three stars instead of five. The rest of the other elements were the same as the ones on the current flag. The French Southern territories are dependent on France but they governed by a Prefect.

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