Formerly a British territory, Tuvalu gained its independence in 1978. Its current government is one with a Governor-General, Prime Minister, Parliament, Judiciary, and Executive. Parliament appoints the Prime Minister. On the other hand, the governor-general selects the ministers who serve in the Cabinet under the advisement of the prime minister.

The current government of Tuvalu consists of Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga, Governor General Sir Lakoba Italeli, and Elizabeth II as the monarch. Mr. Sopoaga assumed office on August 1, 2013. As for Mr. Italeli, he took office on April 16, 2010. Queen Elizabeth II has been queen since February 6, 1952. Additionally, the speaker of the Parliament of Tuvalu is Mr. Otinielu Tausi. He assumed office on March 3, 2014.

The Parliament of Tuvalu has its location in Funafuti. The building is the largest within the atoll. Its construction took place in 2005. The residence of the Governor-General Italeli is a house in Funafuti which is near the villages of Alapi and Vaiaku. The Prime Minister’s residence is also located in Funafuti.

The state of Tuvalu does not have formal parties. Leaders derive their support from their clans and family connections. Voting takes place in Tuvalu where members of parliament voted in can serve for a four-year term. Parliamentarians must be 21 years or older. Subsequently, the members of parliament appoint the Prime Minister.

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