Tuvalu is one of the smallest countries in the world being only 26 square kilometers by area. The capital city of the island nation is an atoll called Funafuti. It encircles the Te Namo lagoon which measures 18 km long by 14 km wide. Te Namo is the most extensive lagoon in Tuvalu area.

The population of Funafuti is 6,025 people. Its density is 2,500 per square kilometers.

Due to its location, tourism is not a popular sector in Tuvalu. However, some people still enjoy visiting the country. Statistically, over 65% of the visitors go to Tuvalu for business trips. In 2010, only 2000 people visited the country. Such a scenario does not dispute the stunning beauty of the land. However, some interesting places to visit in Funafuti are Vaiaku Langi hotel, the prominent building of the Morning Star Church, and the Funafuti International Airport. The airport contains memories of the World War II. During the war, a Japanese aircraft crashed on Funafuti, and to date, its remains have been preserved. Sporting activities such as Independence Day Sports Festival and Tuvalu Games also attracts people to the city.

Funafuti experiences a tropical climate. Consequently, it receives plenty of rainfall. The average rain that the city gets annually is 3483 mm. Its average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius. The wettest season in Funafuti is between December and March. On the other hand, the dry season is from May to October.

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