The capital city of Turkmenistan is Ashgabat. The city was founded in 1881, and it is located in the northern region of Turkmenistan about 19 miles from the Iranian border on the foot of Kopet Dag mountain ranges. The city of Turkmenistan has grown over the years from the devastation of the 1948 earthquake. Today it is a magnificent city built using marble. The city has grown from the proceeds of oil and gas because the country is rich in oil and gas. The city of Ashgabat has numerous buildings with marble.

According to the 2012 census, Ashgabat had a population of 1,032,992 people living in the city. The figures make Ashgabat the most populous city in Turkmenistan. The figures represent a population density of 6,100 people per square mile.

The city of Ashgabat has magnificent marble buildings which attract many tourists. Apart from marble buildings, the museums, parks, and places to shop for carpets attract a lot of tourists. The Ashgabat museum is the place to be to see all the ancient history and unique artifacts displayed. For some shopping and food courts, the Yimpas Shopping Center is the place to visit. The carpet museum is the place to be to see the ancient and lovely designs for carpets. Other must-see sites are mollanepes drama theatre, Ashgabat flagpole, monument arch of neutrality, Turkmenistan Independence Park, and horseback riding tours among other many activities.

The city of Turkmen experiences a hot and dry climate with an annual rainfall of 77 millimeters per year. The warmest month in the city is July, recording 31 degree Celsius while January is the coldest month with temperatures averaging 4 degree Celsius. High precipitation is experienced in the month of March. Ashgabat also experiences winds with speeds reaching 13 miles per hour. The best months to visit the city start from mid-May to September, when the weather is favorable for outdoor activities.

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