The type of government in the Solomon Islands is a constitutional monarchy. The government is composed of a monarch, governor-general, and the prime minister. The monarch is the head of state while the prime minister is the head of government. The governor general is the monarch’s representative on the islands. The parliament appoints both the governor general and the prime minister.

The state of the Solomon Islands carries out its elections every four years. The country is typically divided into 50 constituencies. People elect a single person to represent every constituency at the National Parliament. Those 50 members of parliament can only serve for one four-year term. The country has a multiparty system where parties form coalitions to form the government. Voters must be 18 years and above and persons vying for seats must be 21 years or older.

The house of parliament in the Solomon Islands is popularly called the National Parliament. Its location is in Honiara at Varaya Ridge. Prime Minister Rick Hou’s residence is in Red House in Honiara. Frank Kabui’s home is also found in Honiara. Queen Elizabeth lives in the royal palaces in the United Kingdom.

There are a number of active political parties in the Solomon Islands. Some of these include the Democratic Party, the National Party, the Solomon Islands Liberal Party, and the Solomon Islands United Party.

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