The capital city of Solomon Islands is Honiara. Honiara is located along Kukum Highway and has a river flowing through it. The city was declared a capital at the time of the country’s independence. The city of Honiara has a population of 84,520. Its climate is equatorial with tropical rainforest dominating the area. Honiara is surrounded by over 1,000 islands and is home to unique wildlife and an engrossing cultural heritage.

The population of Honiara is 84,520.

Although Honiara has experienced some violence, it still continues to attract tourists. It is home to unique wildlife, including 130 species of butterflies, and 173 species of birds. Also, one can explore the many Botanical Gardens’ orchid collections, the unique blend of culture, over 1000 islands, and warm sandy beaches.

Honiara has an equatorial climate which is primarily tropical rainforest. It is hot and humid during most parts of the year. As Honiara is located in the southern hemisphere, the rainiest months in the city are January, February, and March, while the driest months are August and September.

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