The capital city of the Republic of Singapore is Singapore. Singapore is a city state and the city of Singapore is in the southern part of Singapore Island. The city is strategically located between the South Sea and the Indian Ocean. It has the deepest harbor which makes up the port. Singapore is also a global finance, transport, and commerce hub.

Singapore is the second most populous city state in the world after microstate of Monaco. It has a population of 5,470,000 residents. The population is made up of permanent or citizens, who make up 3,870,000 of the population and non-permanent residents who number 1,600,000. The population is comprised of different ethnic groups who make up the population. The great opportunities available in Singapore have made the population increase over the years.

Singapore has several tourist attraction sites within the city. For history lovers, Fort Canning Park is a great place to be. The building, constructed in 1859, is still in its originals state and is home to stories about Singapore’s history from the 14th century. Fort Canning gives tourists a chance to know more about Singapore’s history. The Singapore Zoo is the place to be to see wildlife in their natural habitat. To escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Gardens by the Bay is the place to visit. The beautiful lush green environment would be lovely to spend a day. Some other major attraction sites are the Singapore Flyer and the Botanical Gardens.

Singapore city experiences a tropical climate. It is hot and humid all year round and temperatures average 31 degree Celsius and 25 degree Celsius. Rainfall is experienced during the monsoon season. The warmest month is April while January is the coldest month. Humidity levels average between 70% and 80%. Singapore also experiences monsoons, the northeast and southeast monsoons. Southeast monsoons are experienced from June to September while northeast monsoons are experienced from December to March. Singapore receives 2340mm of rainfall yearly. Also, thunderstorms are experienced during the southeast monsoon.

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