The capital city of Sao Tome and Principe is Sao Tome, the largest island in the country, and is located off the western coast of the country of Gabon. The area was discovered and settled by the Portuguese Empire in 1470 (founded in 1485) as an ideal location for growing sugar. The nearby mainland of Africa provided slave labour for the sugar plantations and many who live in the country today are descendants of slaves with varying ethnic backgrounds. The country gained independence in 1975 and Sao Tome and Principe remained the center of the nation.

The population of the city was last estimated in 2015 at 71,868 citizens who live on the 17 square kilometres (7 square miles) island. Population density is 4,200 people per square kilometre (11,000 per square mile) and the population grew significantly from 2003-2015. The Sao Tome International Airport provides regular flights to the African continent and Europe.

Attractions in the city are not limited to the typical island beaches and scuba diving. Many cultural sites such as the Our Lady of Conception Church, the Sao Sebastiao Museum, and the Supreme Court Building. Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in the city and the most famous clubs are Sporting Praia Cruz and Vitoria FC, both of which play at the Estádio Nacional 12 de Julho. Hikes in Sao Tome are highly recommended as the country provides excellent natural scenery.

The climate of Sao Tome is considered a tropical wet and dry environment with a long wet season and short dry season. The wet season, from October-May, sees 95% of the yearly rainfall ( 846 millimetres or 33.31 inches) and the dry season (June-September) receives just 37 millimetres (1.45 inches) of precipitation in total. Temperatures remain constant throughout the year with the average high reaching 28.9 degrees Celsius (84 degrees Fahrenheit) and the average low hovering around 21.8 degrees Celsius (71.2 degrees Fahrenheit). The record high in Sao Tome is 33.9 degrees Celsius (93 degrees Fahrenheit).

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