The three main languages spoken in Saint Martin are Dutch, French, and English. In Saint Martin, the official language is French. Although not official, many people speak English-based Creole, which is the island’s local vernacular. With the numerous different nationalities living on the island, there are numerous other languages also used on the Island.

Over 67.5% of the population has a working knowledge of English while over 12.9% of the population can converse in Spanish. 8.2% of the population can converse in English-based Creole. 4.2% of the population can converse in Dutch while over 6.6% of the population can converse in French. 1.5% has a working knowledge of Papiamento.

The majority of the island’s population can converse in Standard English, while people in the northern portion can converse in standard French. Dutch is spoken in the southern region of the island.

Other than the three major languages spoken in on the island (English, French, and Dutch), there are other minority languages also spoken on the island. Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken minority languages. The Papiamento used in Saint Martin is a blend of English, French, Dutch and various West African languages.

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