The island of St Martin is divided into two, with one side being a French overseas collectivity on the northern side of the island, (Saint Martin) and one side being a constituent of the Kingdom of Netherlands (Sint Maarten). The president of France is the head of state of the island of Saint Martin and is represented by a local prefect. The leader of government is the president of the Territorial Council, which is the legislative arm of government. The Executive arm is made up of the French president and a prefect, as well as the president of the Territorial Council and an Executive Council that is appointed by the 23 members of the Territorial Council.

In Saint Martin, the local prefect is appointed to office by the President of France following advice from the French Minister of Interior. The president of the Territorial Council is elected by members of the council and gets a five-year term. The Territorial Council is elected to serve a term of five years through a popular vote.

In Saint Martin, the Territorial Council and its president do not have official residences as they hold most of their meetings in hotels.

Active political parties in Saint Martin include the Union for Progress, Rally Responsibility Success, Succeed Saint Martin, Alliance, and the Democratic Alliance for Saint Martin.

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