According to Arnell, the designer of one of Saint Martin’s unofficial flags, the sunrise on the flag together with pelican taking off depicts the new beginnings and the awakening of the future of the new collectivity. The downward facing pelican was to signify that it was watching over the population. The scroll is intended to depict the paper on which the Treaty of Concordia was written, which was the treaty that led to the partitioning of the two Islands between France and the Netherlands.

The unofficial flag was adopted by the island in 2010. It was designed by a student of architectural décor, and won a flag competition. Judges used categories such as artistic merit and overall presentation to make their decision.

In Saint Martin, there is a history of the existence of an earlier flag. Between 2007 and 2009 the collectivity had a white flag with the pioneer emblem that had a shield with images of a pelican standing by the seaside on green grounds, and on the background was a sailing ship on the blue sea with a clear light blue sky. In the sky is a big yellow sun.

The territory of Saint Martin uses the French flag as its national flag. However, Saint Martin also has a local white flag with an emblem on it. The emblem depicts a pelican flying over the ocean waters, with the sun shining in the background.

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