The government of Saint Lucia is a constitutional monarchy with an independent democratic parliament. The governor is the representative of the British monarch as the head of state. The leader of the government is the prime minister. The basic functions of the governor general are ceremonial functions. The executive power lies with the prime minister and the parliament.

The longest-serving prime minister is John Compton, who served from May 3, 1982, to April 2, 1996. The governor appoints the prime minister on the advice of the Saint Lucian parliament. Saint Lucian elections are held after every five years. Saint Lucia constitution does not stipulate the exact campaign period.

The parliament building of Saint Lucia is located along Laborie Street in Castries. The official home of the governor general of Saint Lucia is the Government House. The Government House was built from 1894 to 1895 after a hurricane destroyed the older government house in 1817. The Government House became the home of the governor in 1967. The house is situated on the crest of Monte-Fortune near Castries

Every citizen who is 18 years and older can vote in the general elections held in Saint Lucia. Every voter must have a valid Saint Lucia ID for them to be eligible to vote. Saint Lucia is a two-party electoral system which means that only two parties are dominant and winning with the other parties is impossible. These two parties are the Labor party and the UWP (United Workers Party).

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