The flag of Saint Lucia has a cerulean blue field with two triangles at the center. One of the triangles is yellow with a wide base and equal sides. The other triangle, which appears in the background of the first triangle, is black with only two equal sides and a narrow base. The side of the black triangle is covered by a white band that transcends all the way to the bottom without covering the base. The flag's dimension has a proportion ration of 1:2. The triangles are centrally placed on the flag with the tips facing the upper side.

The colors, design, and symbols on the flag bear regional, cultural and political meanings. The blue color signifies the sky under which the island lies. It also represents the sea surrounding Saint Lucia, specifically the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The yellow color signifies the sunshine enjoyed on the island in abundance. The two triangles represent the highest points on the island, the Petit and Gros Pitons. These two triangles are also the national symbols of Saint Lucia.

Dustan St. Omer designed the Flag of Saint Lucia and it was officially adopted in 1979. The French colonized Saint Lucia in 1653 and signed a treaty with the locals 45 years later in 1680. The treaty was to ensure the locals would never be recognized by the British administration that was also vying for control the Island. The ownership switched hands between the two superpowers until 1814 when they decided to sign the Treaty of Paris, which officially handed over the control of the island to the British.

Saint Lucia previously had three historical flags before adopting their current flag. The initial flag used from 1939 - 1967 consisted of a British Blue ensign defaced with the coat of arms of the colony. The coat of arms consisted of a black shield divided into four by two bamboo crosses. Inside the top left and bottom right parts were two Tudor roses representing England. The remaining four parts had two fleurs-de-lis representing France. From 1967 - 1979 the flag of Saint Lucia came into use. It consisted of a black triangle in the background of a smaller yellow triangle. The sides of the black triangle were enclosed with a white band. The current flag of Saint Lucia was adopted as the official flag in 1979.

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