The flag of Qatar did not always consist of two colors. At one time, the flag was only red. The reason Qatar's former flag was red was linked to the Kharjite Muslims. This would be the Qatari flag until the 19th century. A white band was added to the hoist side of the flag. This represents peace. The serrated pattern on the flag was not added to the flag in 1916.

Between 1916-1971, Qatar was a British protectorate. The 9 points symbolized that Qatar was the 9th Emirate. There was another flag used in 1916. This flag had a white rectangle framing a red rectangle in the center of the flag. A yellow crescent moon was featured in the top corner of the hoist side of the flag, known as the canton.

Several changes to the Qatari flag would take place. In 1932, the serrated pattern on the flag was removed. A wavy pattern would replace the serrated pattern. The color of the flag was changed as well. Instead of red, maroon would be the new color of the flag. The reason for this goes back to antiquity. Purple dye had always been a major product made in Qatar. A purple-red flag had been proposed many years ago. It was a proposal sought after to unite Qatar.

In 1936, there were more changes to the Qatari flag. 10 maroon diamonds were added to the flag as well. On the flag was written "Qatar" in White, in Arabic script. In 1949, the maroon diamonds and Arabic script were removed from the flag. This version of the Qatari flag is the same flag used for the nation of Qatar today. Qatar gained its independence in 1971. The current version of the Qatari flag was made official on July 9, 1971.

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