The flag of Netherlands is one of the oldest flags in the world. It is a tricolor of red, white and blue. The colors appear in three horizontal bands of equal size with the colors of the bands from the top to bottom being red, white and blue. The flag proportions are 2:3. It was officially adopted in 1937. The flag was commonly referred to as the prince flag. It is now officially referred to as the Royal Standard of the Netherlands.

The Flag of the Netherlands is characterized by a horizontal band of a red, white, and blue stripe. The red, blue, and white the colors denote the heraldic colors of Prince William of Orange. The three colors were originally orange, blue, and white were borrowed from the prince’s Nassau coat of arms. The color orange was later replaced with red.

The first flag was designed by the Dutch people; a horizontal tricolor of orange, white, and blue. The flag design was created to show respect to Prince William. It was referred to as the Prinsevlag which meant the prince flag. The flag colors were later changed to red, blue and white following a Royal decree by Queen Wilhelmina on February 19, 1937.

In the 16th century, William 1 Prince of Orange hoisted a triband flag with orange, white and blue colors. The flag was introduced as a state banner in 1572. This was during the Dutch fight for independence from Spain. In the mid-17th century, the orange color was replaced with red. Red, white, and blue were formally declared as the official colors of the flag in 1796. The flag was endorsed by royal decree on February 19, 1937. During the French conquest of Netherlands in the 19th century, the flag was banned for a while. The name “prince flag” was also prohibited. It was replaced by the French flag which was a vertical tricolor of blue, white, and red. However, the original flag of the kingdom of Netherlands was reestablished in 1813, after Netherlands regained its independence from the French and the prince of orange returned from exile.

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