The flag of Montenegro features the country’s coat of arms against a red background. The coat of arms is a double-headed golden eagle wearing a golden crown. In its right claw, it holds a golden scepter while on the left it holds a blue orb. On the eagle’s breast, there is a blue shield that has a lion on a green field in front of a blue sky. The coat of arms on the flag of Montenegro takes up two-thirds of the total size of the flag.

Montenegro's flag is red in color. The borders around the flag are golden. It has a state coat of arms in the middle. The double-headed golden eagle on the coat of arms is of ancient Roman origin and symbolizes the unity of the church and the state. The shield on the eagle’s breast has a lion on a green field that denotes the lion of Judah. The lion symbolizes the Christian resurrection theme in the bible. The red color symbolizes the Montenegrin people. The blue orb signifies spiritual guidance for the country.

The flag of Montenegro was designed following a proposal by the government. It was adopted on July 13, 2004, which is the country’s symbols and statehood day. The symbols were adopted by the ruling party, the DPS-SDP, in a parliament session which was boycotted by the opposition. The flag was made formal and the official flag by the proclamation of the constitution on October 22, 2007.

In 1838, the flag of Montenegro was pale yellow with a small red cross. In 1876, the country adopted a red flag with a white cross at the center and a white border. The flag was copied from the Serbian War flag that was used in the battle of Kosovo. In 1905, the country changed to a red, blue, and white flag, symbolizing the colors of the Montenegrin folk costume. From 1910, there were two varying flags: one was tricolored with red, blue, and white. The emblem was a two-headed eagle with NI initials on its breast and a lion on a green field on the corresponding side. The other flag had NI initials below the two-headed eagle. In 1946, the flag reverted to the previous tricolor flag with a red star in the middle. It was used up to the year 1992.

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