The Marshall Islands, officially the Republic of the Marshall Islands, is part of a group of islands called Micronesia. Its government status is that of a sovereign state in free association with the U. S. Furthermore, the Marshall Islands operates under a mixed parliamentary-presidential system. The country’s Legislature, or Nitijela, is comprised of thirty three members each of whom are elected from the Islands’ various constituencies. The President, who serves as the head of state, is elected by the Legislature or Nitijela. The executive branch of the government is made up of the President and the Presidential Cabinet.

Elections in the Marshall Islands take place every four years with at least one representative being elected from each of the region’s twenty four constituencies. The President and members of the Legislature (or Nitijela) each serve for a period of four years. Although traditionally there haven’t been political parties in the country in recent years several groups have come to the forefront and played influential roles in the local electoral process.

The affairs of government were once conducted in the Marshall Islands Capital Building which was home to the offices of the president, cabinet, senators, attorney general, as well as the foreign affairs and finance departments. In 2015, however, this administrative building was deemed to be uninhabitable so the president’s office was relocated to the International Conference Center. All other government departments and offices have been moved to various locations throughout the capital city of Majuro.

Currently there are four parties in the Marshall Islands; the Kien Eo Am, United Democratic Party, Aelon̄ Kein Ad, and United People's Party.

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