The Marshall Islands’ capital and largest city, Majuro, is located on a coral atoll which is made up of 64 islands. The city has a total land area of almost four square miles which includes an enclosed lagoon measuring 114 square miles. Most of the city’s population lives in the Delap-Uliga-Djarrit area which is made up of three very small islands. Majuro has a long history which goes back thousands of years. After falling into German and Japanese hands the U.S. took over control of the Marshall Islands following World War II. It was during this time that the government’s administrative center was relocated from Jaluit Atoll to its current location in Majuro where it has remained since the country gained its independence in 1989.

According to statistics from 2011 the total population of Majuro is 27,797 with the majority of citizens residing in the islets of Delap–Uliga–Djarrit. A large percentage of local citizens are employed in service industry jobs, in particular those related to tourism. Other major employers include the city’s large port and international airport. The harvesting of coconut oil as an alternative fuel source has also recently provided important employment opportunities for local residents.

Majuro is a popular spot for tourists yearning to take in its sunny skies, beautiful beaches, and the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Diving is a popular activity at places such as Arno Atoll which includes three enclosed lagoons and where visitors can browse shops for locally made specialties such as copra, the dried meat inside coconuts, and handmade Kili bags. Another popular location in Majuro is the Alele Museum and Public Library which is dedicated to preserving the rich cultural heritage, folk art, oral literature, and local traditions of the region.

The climate of Majuro is tropical and because of its geographical location just north of the Equator the weather is also classified as equatorial or similar to that of a rainforest environment. Temperatures typically remain consistent all year round with average temperatures of slightly over 77F to a fraction over 86F. Annual rainfall amounts in Majuro total approximately 126 inches with the possibility of sunshine hours (or duration) averaging from 55 to 67% of the time.

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