The politics of Luxembourg take place in the context of parliamentary representative democracy. It has a hereditary, yet constitutional monarchical system with a multi-party democracy. It is the only state in the world to have a Grand Duchy. The grand duke is a monarch position that is passed on through the Nassau family. The Grand Duke or Grand Duchess appoints the prime and deputy prime minister who are in charge of the affairs of the government and the judges who administer justice.

Elections in Luxembourg are held every five years for several positions including communal representatives, representatives of international institutions, and representatives at the national level. Six members are elected to represent Luxembourg in the European Parliament. The elected members become either members of the Chamber of Deputies or members of the National Legislature, depending on the posts they vied for.

Chamber of Deputies is a unicameral national legislative house of Luxembourg. The sessions of the Chamber of Deputies are held in the Hôtel de la Chambre, or the Hall of the Chamber of Deputies which is situated in Krautmaart, or the Herb Market in English. After building it, it served as the Grand Ducal Palace. It underwent great renovations in 1891, giving it its current neo-Renaissance look The Berg Castle, or also referred to as Colmar-Berg is the main residence of the Grand Duke. The palace is located in Colmar-Berg, a town in Central Luxembourg.

Active political parties in Luxembourg include the Alternative Democratic Reform Party, the Christian Social People's Party, the Democratic Party, and the Greens.

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