Lebanon is a democratic state with a functional parliamentary system. The government is composed of the president, prime minister and the members of parliament. The citizens of the state exercise their democratic rights by electing the members of parliament. The members of parliament elect or appoint the president. The president, in conjunction with the parliament, appoints the prime minister of the republic of Lebanon. The president can only be in office for a single term of six years.

Elections in Lebanon are carried out after every four years when citizens elect their representatives through the ballot system. The contestants create political parties in which most of the parties combine to form a single coalition party. Apart from the members of parliament, there are other local leaders who are elected by the people. They include municipality representatives and others.

The official residence of the president of Lebanon is the Baabda palace which is located in Beirut. The parliament building is also located in Beirut. The construction of the building was started in 1934 during the period of French mandate.

Political parties in Lebanon include, though are not limited to, the Free Patriotic Movement, the Amal Movement, and the Lebanese Democratic Party.

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