Dublin is the chief or capital city of the Republic of Ireland. It is the largest city in the country. The word Dublin originates from an Irish word, which translates to “black pool," a natural feature for which the town was named. In 2016, Dublin was estimated to have a rapidly expanding population of 1.3 million people. The city has a predominantly caucasian Irish population but has seen an increase in immigration from both European and non-European nations. As the capital city, Dublin is home to the national parliament as well as other government buildings. The city is administered by a mayor who heads the Dublin City Council.

Dublin has existed for many centuries, with evidence of human settlement there from as early as 140 A.D. Officially though, Dublin became a city in 988 A.D. after Vikings invaded the area and ruled over the native Irish population. The first king of Ireland was sworn into power in Dublin in 1166. The city thrived as a business hub and became the headquarters for Norman settlers who built Dublin Castle. In the middle ages, it was greatly affected by the “Black Death," which killed a significant portion of the population. However, with modernization in the 18th Century, the city continued to prosper. The Irish war of independence slowed down this growth, but modern day Dublin is at the center of Ireland’s economic development with advances made in both the public and private sectors.

Dublin is known as Ireland’s cultural hub. It is home to several renowned historical figures. These include world-famous musicians, artists, actors, sportsmen and women, journalists, politicians, and celebrities. Furthermore, it has several notable art galleries with an impressive array of collections, some dating as far back as the B.C. period. For these reasons, it was made a UNESCO city of literature in 2010; an honor previously accorded to only three other cities.

Dublin has a mild climate that is regulated by the Atlantic coast. It is known for its damp climate and sees a high amount of rainfall.

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