In the Republic of Honduras, Honduran Spanish is the official and most widely spoken in the country. It is the official language of government, used for instruction in schools, and of commerce. For many people in Honduras, it is a second language with their native tongue being their first language. Other languages spoken in the country are primarily from the Amerindian and Afro-Honduran communities. Many of the languages spoken in Honduras are endangered.

The different languages in Honduras are spoken by the different communities which include. This includes those who identify as Indigenous, who make up 7% of the population. The Indigenous languages spoke in Honduras include Lenca, Miskito, Ch'orti, Tolupan, Pech, Tol, Sumo, and Mayan. Garifuna and English Creole are other minority languages that are also spoken. Spanish is the most popular spoken language. As at 2010, the country had a literacy rate of 85%.

Honduran Spanish has had a lot of influences from the local languages regarding borrowed words and even pronunciations. The following are a few unique phrases in this language; “yo ando a pincel” ("I don’t have a car, I am walking”), “ando con filo” (I am hungry), "yo ando hule” (“I am broke”), "alero" (friend), and "bolulo" (bread Roll).

Honduras is home to many minority languages. Unfortunately, some languages such as Matagalpa and Ch’orti’ are now almost extinct. Others like Lencan are in danger of extinction as well. Arabic, Yue Chinese, Armenian, and English are also languages spoken by a minority of the population.

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