The flag of Honduras consists of three equal bands of colors. The top and bottom bands colors are blue, while the center band is white. Five cerulean stars, each with five-pointed sides, are placed at the center with two on top of each other on either side of the flag, with one at the center. Connecting the stars using straight lines forms a rectangle with two diagonal lines intersecting at the center star. The flag has a dimension ratio of 2:1.

The blue colors of the Flag of Honduras represent the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, the two water bodies which surround Honduras. The blue colors also represent the brotherhood of the Honduran people and the sky above. The inner white band represents two things: the peace and prosperity of the people and the land between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It also represents the purity of thoughts that the locals bear. The five Cerulean stars at the center represent the five nations of the former Republic of Central America (Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and El Salvador). The X arrangement of stars represents the future aspirations and hope that the five nations will one day reunite and form a union again.

In 1823, Honduras and other countries proclaimed their independence following a two-year rule by the Mexican Empire and formed the United Provinces of Central America. Honduras later separated from the union in 1938 and formed its government. It was during this time that they decided to continue using the federation’s flag, which was designed in 1823. Honduras suffered numerous invasions between 1840 and 1862. After the invasions ended, the Honduran government decided to retain the Central American Flag. However, they wanted to make it more distinctive than other former flags. It was during this time that government added the five distinctive cerulean stars. The flag was to be altered by replacing the five stars with the official coat of arms whenever the naval forces hoisted the flag.

Honduras never had an official flag the current flag was adopted. When Honduras was still under the rule of the Mexican Empire, the flag of Mexico was used in most administrative purposes. It is not documented whether Honduras had any other flags other than the Mexican flag during this time.

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