English is the official language of Guyana. Most of the people in Guyana speak English as their first language. The language is spoken all over the country. English is an Indo-European language that belongs to the West Germanic family of languages. English has 26 letters in its alphabet, 21 consonants and 5 vowels. It uses the Latin Script in its writing.

Approximately 89% of the Guyanese are literate, according to UNICEF. The same population is considered to be conversant and familiar with English. The rest of the people speak the Guyanese Creole, which is a dialect of English. Creole is mainly used for casual communication. English is used for official, governmental, and educational purposes.

The English dialect used in Guyana is the Guyanese Creole. It has a close resemblance to other English dialects used in the Caribbean region. The Guyanese Creole has African and East Indian syntax. The Guyanese Creole largely borrows from African, Old Dutch, and East Indian languages. The formation of sentences and pronunciation of words is quite different.

Other than English, there are other languages spoken by the minority in the country. Those who speak the minority languages are in most cases conversant with the English language. In the southern region of the country, the residents mostly use Portuguese as their second language. Other minority languages include Chinese, Spanish, French, Macushi, Wai-Wai, Akawaio and Arakawakan Languages.

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