Georgetown is the capital city of Guyana. It is the largest and the most populous city in the country. It was initially called Longchamps by the French and Stabroek by the Dutch. The name Georgetown was given to it in 1812 in honor of King George III.

Georgetown is the most populous city in Guyana. In fact, according to the most recent census held in 2012 in the country, approximately 25% of the total Guyanese population lives in or near Georgetown. In 2012, the city had a population of 113,368. This was a 12% drop in population compared to the over 134,000 people counted during the 2002 census.

Georgetown is a tourist attraction center in the country. It has a number of places of interest and tourist attraction centers that keep the flow of tourists in the city consistent. Among the most notable sites in the city include St. Georges Anglican Cathedral, Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology, National Museum of Guyana, Stabroek Market, Roman Catholic Brickdam Cathedral, Splashmins Fun Park, Fort William Fredrick, and The Georgetown Lighthouse.

The climate of Georgetown can be described as a hot tropical rainforest climate. The temperatures are usually constant with no extreme changes and variations. The northeast trade winds, which blow from the Northern side of the Atlantic Ocean, greatly influence the climate of the city. The temperatures of the city rarely go above 31 degrees Celsius. The city receives a considerable amount of rainfall all year round. However, the wettest and the rainiest seasons are between December and January, and May and June.

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