The capital of Guinea is called Conakry. It is a port city located on the upper side of the Kaloum Peninsula. The city of Conakry was founded in 1887. It became a capital in 1904 to the then French Guinea.

As at 2014, the population of Conakry was 1,660,973.

Conakry is a beautiful city with many lovely places to visit. Examples of these places include the Presidential Palace, Fouta Djallon, Conakry Botanical Garden, and Sandervalia National Museum.

Conakry has a tropical monsoon climate. As a result, the city experiences dry and wet seasons. Conakry’s dry season begins in December and ends in April. The harmattan winds influence the weather pattern. Also, little showers of rain may be experienced during the dry season. Conakry receives an annual rainfall of 3800 mm. During the wet season, the rains received on average are about 1100 mm. The wet season occurs between July and August.

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