Guadeloupe uses French as its official language. French is used for administration and public affairs. It is also the language used in the media houses and research publications in Guadeloupe. Both French and Creole are taught in schools in the formative stages.

Almost 99% of the people who inhabit Guadeloupe speak French with few exceptions. Although Creole is not an official language, Antillean Creole is commonly spoken throughout Guadeloupe. It is a dialect of French formed from the combination of French and other languages including African Bantu languages, Native American languages, Carib, Spanish, and English. I

The Guadeloupe French sounds a little different from the Reference French. It has several grammatical and lexical influences which are unique to the island. However, common French phrases, such as "bonjour" (hello), "merci" (thank you), an "au revoir" (goodbye) would still be useful when visiting the island.

English is a minority language spoken in Guadeloupe. It is mainly spoken by tourists. French sign language is also used in Guadeloupe.

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