The National flag of France is officially known as Le Drapeau Tricolore, and it displays three brands of colors which are equal in width. The blue colors appear on the left side, the white at the middle, and the red on the right side of the flag. Alongside the French national flag, Guadeloupe flies a regional flag similar to that used in Mayotte and Reunion. The regional flag has a logo inscribed on a white field. The inscription reads "Region Guadeloupe." In addition the flag has a radiant sun and a bird. The two symbols are located on a green and blue square. Besides the official French flag and the Regional flag, the Island of Guadeloupe also has an unofficial flag with the coat of arms which helps in promoting the Island. Within the black coat of arms featured on the flag, there is a green sugar cane plant lying underneath a golden sun. The French government officially adopted its flag, used by Guadeloupe, on February 15, 1794.

The white color on the official French flag symbolizes royalty. On the other hand, the blue and red colors symbolize the Coat of Arms of Paris. The blue color of the flag is the Saint Martin’s color which stands for the care and duty that the rich grant the poor. The practice of caring for the needy was borrowed from Martin’s charity act of giving half of his blue coat to the poor. In France, the white color also stands for the Virgin Mary. The blue color of the regional flag represents the sky while the green color represents the vegetation and the land of the republic of Guadeloupe. The bird on the logo represents the wildlife animals that inhabit the land. The sugar cane represents the many crops grown within the nation.

Jacques-Louis David designed the French national flag in 1794. The French Revolution inspired the design of the national flag.

The history of the flag of Guadeloupe dates back to 1798. The colony of France has always used France’s flag. The flag is not raised on any government buildings though it can be used on private and commercial buildings

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