Gabon is a republic led by a president. The president has the mandate to head both the state and government. In his capacity as president, he appoints the prime minister and the cabinet. Gabon’s government consists of three parts: the executive, legislative, and judiciary which work hand-in-hand but independently.

Every resident of Gabon aged over 21 years must take part in voting. Failure to vote may lead to one being liable to pay a fine. During the elections, voters elect the president and members of the Gabon Parliament. In light of this, the previous election of the president was disputed. Residents of Gabon believe the current president rigged the elections which led to protests.

The Presidential Palace is the official resident of the president of Gabon. The location of the palace is Libreville. President Bongo built the palace which features excellent architecture in the 1970s. Gabon’s National Assembly House is also located in Libreville.

The presidency is theoretically within a multiparty system. However, the reality is that no other party has ever won the presidency. The Gabonese Democratic Party has been the ruling party for quite a long time.

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