The capital city of Gabon is Libreville. It is a port city located on River Komo which is near the Gulf of Guinea. Libreville became the capital of Gabon in 1960 when the country achieved its independence. At the time, the city’s population was only 32,000 inhabitants.

As of 2013, the city of Libreville’s population was 703,904.

Places to visit nearby Libreville include the Lopé National Park and Akanda National Park. There is also a beach known as Point-Denis Beach which attracts many visitors. At the beach, tourists can enjoy boat rides, snorkeling, and swimming. To discover Gabon’s unique flora, tourists are at liberty to visit the famous Sabang Arboretum. Other interesting places to visit are Seaside Boulevard and St. Michel Church.

The climate of Libreville is tropical monsoon. As a result, the city experiences long wet seasons and short dry seasons. The nine-month long wet season occurs between September and May. On the other hand, the dry season begins in June and ends in August. The Benguela current influences the dry season. Libreville’s high temperatures are 29 degrees Celsius on average.

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