Where is French Southern Territories?

French Southern Territories is an island nation.The French claim to "Adelie Land" in Antarctica is not recognized by the United States.

French Southern Territories is an Antarctican country covering 7,747.00 km2 of which 98.98% is water and 80.00 km2 is land. The area excludes Adelie Land claim of about 500,000 sq km in Antarctica as that is not recognized by the United States. This makes it the 77th smallest region in the world and about the same size as California. Its geographic coordinates are 37 50 S, 77 32 E and Port-aux-Francais is the capital city.

The name refers to their location in the southern hemisphere.

Its ISO code is TF.

The currency of French Southern Territories is the Euro (EUR).


French Southern Territories has a mean elevation of 0 m above sea level. Its lowest elevation is Indian Ocean. Its highest elevation is Mont de la Dives on Ile Amsterdam (Ile Amsterdam et Ile Saint-Paul) ; unnamed location on Ile Saint-Paul (Ile Amsterdam et Ile Saint-Paul) 272 m; Pic Marion-Dufresne in Iles Crozet 1,090 m; Mont Ross in Iles Kerguelen 1,850 m; unnamed location on Bassas de India (Iles Eparses) 2.4 m; unnamed location on Europa Island (Iles Eparses) 24 m; unnamed location on Glorioso Islands (Iles Eparses) 12 m; unnamed location on Juan de Nova Island (Iles Eparses) 10 m; unnamed location on Tromelin Island (Iles Eparses) 7 m which is 867m above tall. Its terrain is volcanic with steep coastal cliffs.

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