El Salvador is a representative presidential democracy republic with the president as both the head of state as well as head of government. The current Constitution used in El Salvador was enacted in the year 1983 and was effected on December 20th, 1963. The Constitution dictates the sovereignty of the country and outlines the three branches of government, their respective powers, compositions, and privileges

The style of government used in El Salvador is a republic. This means that positions are attained through voting population. The winner is determined by the absolute majority. A presidential term is five years and the constitution prohibits immediate re-election of the president. The Legislative Assembly runs elections in El Salvador.

The deputies of the Legislative Assembly meet in a room within the National Palace of El Slavador called the Salvadoran Parliament. The building is located in San Salvador and was built between 1905 and 1911. On the other hand, the residence of President Ceren is in the Casa Presidencial located in San Salvador. There are three known presidential suites in El Salvador. The first one is the Avenida Masferrer in the upper portion of the Colonia Escalon. The second one is the San Jacinto which is currently abandoned due to the 2001 twin earthquakes. The third presidential residence is the Colonia San Benito where the offices are located.

The major political parties of El Salvador include the Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA), and the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN). The former of these parties is right-wing, while the latter is a socialist party.

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