Before San Salvador became the capital of El Salvador, the Pipil people held their capital at a city called Cuzcatlan, which is located nearby to where San Salvador exists today. San Salvador has been the capital of El Salvador since 1934.

Around 1.7 million people live in the metropolitan area of San Salvador, making it one of the largest cities in Central America by population. Around one third of El Salvador's population lives in San Salvador.

As a hub for transportation, it is hard to explore the country of El Salvador without spending some time in San Salvador. Thanks to its central location, San Salvador is a convenient starting point to travel within the country. It is also a hotbed of San Salvadoran culture.

San Salvador explores a tropical climate. However, the temperatures experienced in the city can vary considerably. During the winter months, the weather can be chilly, especially at night. For the most part, however, weather in San Salvador is warm and sunny year-round.

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