The National flag displays two colors – blue and yellow. The flag is blue with a yellow stripe cutting horizontally slightly below the center of the flag. Within the flag, there are two white stars at the upper left corner. The measurement of the two stars are diameters 1/6 and 2/9 of the flag height. The center of the smaller one is 1/6 the flag height from the left and top edges, and the center of the larger is 1/3 from the left and top edges. Officially, the flag was adopted on July 2, 1984 with a few changes made on the original design.

The upper part of the blue color above the yellow stripe represents the sky. The lower part of the flag represents the loyalty of the Curacao people and the sea surrounding the Island. Yellow represents the bright sun that shines upon the country as well as the jovial nature of the people. The two stars represent Curacao and Klein Curacao. In addition to that, the stars also stand for love, peace and happiness as depicted through the lives of the people as they pursue their essential goals. Each of the five corners of the stars symbolizes the five continents where people of Curacao migrated from over the years.

On November, 1982 Martin den Dulk’s design won in a small competition where approximately 2000 designs were submitted to a special council for vetting. Ten out of the 2000 designs were shortlisted for further consideration. In the end, Martin’s design turned out to be the best. Martin’s interpretation of his design for the national flag won the hearts and minds of the judges. His design is the current flag of Curacao.

Curacao, being a colony of the Kingdom of Netherlands, had to fly the national flag of Netherlands until it became an autonomous state. The approval for Curacao to fly their own flag came after Aruba (one of Islands within the Netherlands Antilles) adopted their own flag in 1979. Curacao shared its national flag the Netherlands Antilles from 1984 when the flag was adopted until 2010, when the Antilles was dissolved. The flag used today was adopted in 1984 after a few modifications of the original design.

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