Willemstad is the current capital city of the Republic of Curacao. It also served as the capital of the Netherlands Antillles until 2010 when the Antilles was dissolved. Willemstad was founded on the Schottegat’s banks by the Dutch West India Company. At the time of its establishment, the natural habour served as a trade and commerce center. The Atlantic trade thrived so well in the city that Willemstad became a capital city in 1634. Willemstad is located on the south coast of Curacao, near the Carribean Sea.

The population of Willemstad was approximately 150,000 as of 2013. Most of Curacao's residents live in Willemstad - approximately three quarters of the total population. The inhabitants of the capital include people from different ethnic backgrounds such as the Afro-Caribbean (majorly from African descent), the Dutch, Levantine people, Latin American, East and South Asian, Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews, and the French.

Willemstad offers various attraction sites for foreigners and locals alike. The city is rich in culture and diversity. Willemstad offers impressive old magnificent buildings built with the architectural work of Dutch and Spanish styles. The city’s unique architecture led to it being honored by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites of the world. Several casinos within the town plays a great role in tourism. Willemstad also has numerous museums such as the Octagon Museum, the Curacao Maritime Museum, the Curacao Museum, and the Museum Kura Hulanda. The museums offer storage for historical documentaries of the brutal slavery in the New World and the Jewish Cultural-Historical Museum. Gallery Alma Blou, established in the 17th century, offers the largest collection of local artists' work. Furthermore, Landhuis Chobolobo, where liqueur is manufactured in five different colors from the peels of Valencia oranges, also forms one of the tourist attractions in the city.

The city enjoys a tropical savannah climate. On average, the temperatures are warm with the city experiencing dry periods in between the months of March and June. August is the warmest month while January is the coolest month in Willemstad. On the other hand, based on the rainfall received, March is the driest month and December is the wettest month.

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