The Cuban flag was adopted officially in the year 1902 on May 20th when Cuba attained independence. The Cuban flag has three colours: blue, white and red. It is designed in such a way that the white and blue stripes alternate each other with the blue at the top followed by white. The blue stripes are three while the white stripes are two. The red equilateral triangle is on the left of the flag near the staff and in it is a white star with five points. The official name of the Cuban flag is “Bendera de Cuba” which is translated the “Flag of Cuba.”

The three blue stripes on the flag represent the division of the island state before its freedom. Originally, Cuba had three military districts which were Western, Central and Eastern sections. The two white stripes, on the other hand, represent the force and the dedication applied by Cuba’s soldiers leading to its independence. To some it is a symbol of purity and justice of patriots whose motive was to liberate Cuba. The red triangle stands for liberty, equality, fraternity, and the blood shed by the Cuban patriots to attain freedom. It also symbolizes strength and constancy. Finally, the Lone White Star stands for the freedom between the nations.

The person who designed the Cuban flag was Narciso Lopez. A poet known as Miguel Teurbe Tolon influenced his design by giving his suggestions of what the flag should look like. Afterwards, Tolon’s wife Emilia sewed the first flag. People who contributed to the final design of the flag were Lopez, Tolon, Jose Borrell, Jose Maria Sanchez, Juan Manuel, and Cirilo Villaverde. Lopez carried the flag to the battles at Playitas (1851) and Cardenas (1850). After these unsuccessful battles, the flags were raised in Cuba for the very first time.

Joaquin Infante designed the first Cuban flag in the 1800s. The rebels used this flag from 1809-1810 during a separatist conspiracy. There existed another flag that a secret society called “Suns and Rays of Bolivar" used. The pioneers of the secret society were a Cuban poets named José María Heredia and Francisco Lemus. Their goal was to liberate Cuba in the year 1823. The flag had a brilliant golden sun.

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