Cayman Islands is a constitutional monarchy led by the Queen of the United Kingdom.

Cayman Islands consists of six electoral districts. There are no recognized political parties and as such teams of candidates and different groups run for office. The voting age for citizens of the island is eighteen. The residents of Cayman Island elect members of the legislative after every four years. The mandate of those elected is to run the domestic affairs of the country. Out of the 21 elected members of the Legislative Assembly, seven serve as Cabinet Ministers under the leadership of the Governor. The most recent elections held in Cayman Islands were conducted in May 24, 2017. The agency that conducts elections in Cayman Islands is popularly referred to as the Elections Office.

The Queen Elizabeth II resides in a range of residences located across the United Kingdom depending on the season of the year. Examples of the palaces are Sandringham House, Hillsborough Castle, and Balmoral Castle. On the other hand, Governor Kilpatrick occupies the Government House in Cayman Islands. The official governor’s residence is located at Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. The Legislative Assembly is located along 33 Fort Street in George Town.

The political parties of the Cayman Islands are the People's Progressive Movement, the Cayman Democratic Party, and the Cayman Communist Party.

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