The flag of the Cayman Islands is dark blue in color with the British union Jack situated top left of the flag. There’s also the country’s coat of arms on the right half of the flag. Other colors within the Cayman Island flag are white, red, green, gold, and sky blue. There are also two animals: a tortoise and a lion on the Coat of Arms. In addition, there are three stars on the flag’s Coat of arms. On the flag is the country’s motto “He hath founded it upon the sea” derived from the book of Psalm 24:2 in the Bible.

The golden lion represents the Great Britain. On the other hand, the green turtle placed above the crest represents the island’s original Spanish name which was “Las Tortugas.” The three stars on the flag represent the islands of Grand Cayman, Cyman Brac, and Little Cayman. The blue and white wavy lines symbolize the sea. The pineapple and turtle on the flag represent the indigenous fauna and flora in Cayman Islands. The badge on the flag represents the standard of the governor.

It is unclear who designed the flag of the Cayman Islands.

Before adopting its own flag, Cayman Islands used the British flag. There are two versions of the Cayman Island flag namely the blue colour and red color versions. The blue color is used on the land while the red one is used at the sea. The flag was officially adopted in 1958 and is used for all administrative and official functions.

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